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New Crocodile Scratchboard on the Drawing Board
February 20, 2010, 11:39 am
Filed under: Art News, Crocodilians

In my last post you saw my closest approach to abstraction, paintings that are comparatively, a form of relaxation for me. Here is the anal opposite, a large (11×14), highly detailed scratchboard drawing.  I’ve been working on these crocodiles a long time. That is, the drawing has been sitting on my drawing table for a long time.  I do have a lot of scratching time on it, but as my attention span shrinks, the drawing to sitting time ratio has decreased.

The image is two large crocodiles, probably hybrids between Crocodylus porosus (the Saltwater Croc) and C. siamensis (the Siamese Croc), with a Rajah Birdwing Butterfly. I’m working from photos that I took in Thailand, at Uthen Youngaprapakorn’s Samutprakan Crocodile farm.  The crocs were dozing in the the dappled light of trees, with butterflies using them as basking spots.  The butterfly is a species from Borneo, where it could encounter porosus.

I expect this to be my submission to the Society of Animal Artists’ 5oth Anniversary show this year.

In progress: "Crocodile Dreams" 11" x 14" Scratchboard


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